Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Atlantic Antic:O)

Power Cord, originally uploaded by nguyen le.

This Sunday, The {NewNew} will be taking over the Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn:O) We will be scattered along the Atlantic Avenue, thirteen tents filled with fabulous handmade goodness. My booth will be located on the South side of the street, between Bond and Hoyt, and will be sharing my space with Nguyen of KnitKnit.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gdansk - my hometown :)

Gdansk - my hometown :), originally uploaded by KASIACZEK.

Thanks to Utube, I've been listening to a lot of Polish music lately, the old stuff I grew up on, and the music I listened to as a tanager. It all makes me miss my incredibly beautiful city more than ever...
This beautiful photo I found on flicker by KASIACZEK, shows my favourite place of all, Motlawa River with barely visible in the dark, leaning over the water medieval crane - the Krahntor - majestic, gentle giant...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My first craft show ever!

GDAƃSK 2, originally uploaded by rycerzbiegi.

This is a wonderful shot of Mariacka Street, my most favourite street in the world. Eighteen years ago I spent there almost 2 weeks selling jewelry made by my dad at the centuries old St Dominick's Fair. The fair was started by papal decree in 1260, it lasts 2 weeks every summer and draws around 150 000 people per day!

Our spot was located on the right side of the street, couple of artists before the tree. The atmosphere was wonderful, it was very, very cold and I looooved every minute of it:O)