Monday, February 23, 2009

Craft Show season is already here!

Well, not officially, but I already jump-started 2009 season with Park Slope V-day Show and Pop-up Market in Dumbo. It was so nice to see my {NewNew} peeps there!

The hard core {NewNew} grabbed their tables and moved them on 7th ave sidewalk in Park Slope during our first show. It was cold, but as far as cold in New York goes this winter, it turned out to be a wonderful sunny day. I was not prepared for the outdoors, but it was so much fun!

I also sold at the Winter Pop-up Market in Dumbo section of Brooklyn on February 8th and 15th. This is the winter location of the Brooklyn Flea at 81 Front St. I absolutely love the location just 2 blocks from East River! The view of Manhattan Bridge around the corner is breathtaking and I just had to snap some photos.

More photos can be found on my Flickr page:O))

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thing-a-day, project # 4, Vintage Filigree earrings

Staying away from online supply shops poses a real challenge…yes! I admit…I’m addicted! Last Sunday, friend of mine told me, that she was shocked by amount of supplies in my studio and she did not think I will ever use them all.I will try to use as much of what I already have and try to minimize new purchases. The filigree elements I used for this project, have been purchased probably more than two years ago from a vintage supply shop on the web. I reached for them several times, but did not come-up with anything I really loved to use them and they kept going back into the box. This time I’m happy with the design! The right Czech glass beads arrived just a week ago and with a tiny addition of Swarovski crystal sparkle, they came out perfect!Hmmm…what other goodies my boxes hide? Need to go on a hunt…;O))

Thing-a-day, project # 3

My goal for 2009 is to organize my work as best as I can. Working from home is very difficult if you have kids, home, cooking, soccer practice, very active dog, craft shows on weekends and a husband who works too many hours to juggle. It seems that I can’t keep set deadlines and finish planed projects due to unexpected problems, lol, and Dominick, my two-year-old, seems to have constant emergencies;O)
To keep track of daily and weekly goals, I came up with this sheet, and hopefully this is the final version. I used pages from an old sketch book, which I cut in half and used red permanent marker to draw a table. Each page reflects a week of new inventory created in my studio. I have plenty of space on the bottom and right hand side for the summary, and revere side for notes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thing-a-day, project # 2

I'm already falling behind in posting, things are crazy as usually...I think, I need to place an order for additional 6 hours per day with Mr Time;O)

Yellow flower earrings are my second craft project. I planned to make them a while ago, and finally did it. They are made of scrapbooking paper flower embellishment. After removing adhesive dot, I sprayed them with several layers of acrylic finish. If I ever make them again, I will use clear furniture finish, it probably will not require as many applications and they will be more stiff. Epoxy might be better also.
I used hole puncher to make top holes and large, unusual earwires to hang the flowers from.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm really excited to be part of the Thing-a-day blog for the first time. I will be making one craft project every day this month and I'm hoping to get to all the project piling up in my studio, try new jewelry techniques and spice-up my cooking again.
I will be also posting the project results on my blog. Here is the first one, carrot salad made for Ben's birthday partly and his special request, very yummy side dish.
Day One - Carrot Salad
carrot bunch
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 table spoon of mayonnaise
1 table spoon of sour cream

I cleaned the carrots ( scraped to be exact with a knife) shredded finely, salted lightly, added pepper and just a bit of finely chopped leak. Next, I have combined the mayo, sour cream and sugar in a cup and mixed it into shredded carrot mix.